April 27-28 Yards Creek Camping
May 17-19 Vorhees Park Camping & Heritage Day Funnel Cakes
July 4  Washington Hike & Parade & Funnel Cakes
July 14-20 Yards Creek Summer Camp
August 16-18 Delaware River Canoe Trip
Sept. 21-22 Appalachian Trail Backpacking, Wawayanda to NY Rt. 17A
October 5-6 Ocean Fishing & Allaire State Park Camping
October 26-27 Yards Creek Camporee
November 30-31 Vorhees State Park Camping with Weeblos
December 7 Franklin Institute

February 8-9 Klondike Derby at Yards Creek Scout Camp
March 1  Court Of Honor
April 2-5 Boston Freedom Trail & Battleship Massachusetts
May 17-18 Heritage Day Funnel Cakes
May 30-June 1 No-Be-Bo-Sco Scout Camp Camping
June 20-22 Mullica River Canoe Trip
July 4  Washington Parade & Funnel Cakes
July  Ten Mile River Summer Camp
September 20 Rock Climbing at Wind Gap Gym
October 18-19 Bicycling the Columbia Trail & Vorhees Camping
October 25-26 Round Valley Camporee
November 22-23 Appalachian Trail Backpacking, Lehigh Furnace Gap to Route 309

January 9 Swimming at Easton YMCA
February 7-8 Vorhees State Park Camping, Fixup sleds
February 21-22 Klondike Derby at Yards Creek Scout Camp
March 8  Roller-blading & Roller-skating at Hackettstown
April 18-19 Stokes State Forest Camping
May 16-17 Heritage Day Funnel Cakes
May 30-31 Lehigh River Whitewater Rafting
July 4  Washington Parade & Funnel Cakes
July 7-10 Annapolis and Washington D.C.
July 12-18 Summer Camp
August 21-23 Delaware River Canoe Trip
September 19-20 Rescia Falls Camping
October 3-4 Kaaterskill Falls Camping
October 17 Court Of Honor
October 31 Route 31 Roadside Cleanup
November 6-8 Pirate Paradise Camporee
December  Appalaichian Hike
December 18 North Summit Climbing Gym

January 30Yarks Creek Camping
February 20 Klondike Derby at Yards Creek