Forth of July 1996

 Waiting For Parade to Begin
 Marching Down Broadway
 Makin' FunnelCakes
 Marching Down Broadway

Delaware Canoe Trip 1996
 Unloading the Canoe
 Going Down the River
 Going to Eat Lunch
Group Photo
Group Photo II The Sequal
Alex And Eric
Play Time
Another Play Time
The Canoe

Washington D.C. 1998

 Andy At Naval Acadamy
 Mike, RJ, Mr. Morholt At Icecream Shop
 RJ Sleeping
 Hooking the Gear to the Car on Way Down
 Nik, RJ, Mike Taking A Picture of the Mirror in Bathroom
 Jason Taping the Door Shut On RJ's Tent
 Rich is Amazed At Andy's Food
 Group Photo
 Rich and the Cieling
 A Guard Trying Not To Smile
 Mike Saying Hi.....to a statue
 Some Important Man Tomb
 RJ in Downtown Annopolis
 Mike and RJ
 Mike in the Soundproof Room
 RJ Excited Over Computers
 RJ Taking A Picture

North Summit Climbing Gym Trip 1998
 The Rocks Part I
 The Rocks Part II
 The Rocks Part III
 The Rocks Part IV
 The Rocks Part V
 The Rocks Part VI
 The Rocks Part VII
 The Rocks Part VIII
 The Rocks Part IX
 The Rocks Part X
 The Rocks Part XI
 The Rocks Part XII
 The Rocks Part XIII
 The Rocks Part XIV
 The Rocks Part XV
 The Rocks Part XVI
 The Rocks Part XVII
 Jim Climbing To The Top